Building Your Engaged Tribe of like-minded women

5 Steps to Building an Awesome and Engaged Tribe

It’s fairly straightforward to follow some internet “hacks” to build a following or if you’re really lazy just buy one but it’s much harder to build a tribe who love what you do and actually want to buy from you. When it comes to building an engaged tribe it’s not […]

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Every picture tells a story

Storytelling: The Key to Connecting With Your Tribe

Storytelling is a super important part of marketing online. Whether you’re writing a blog post, creating a YouTube video, speaking on a podcast or sharing an Instagram post – stories allow you to captivate your audience. We’ve been telling stories for a long time (pretty much as long as humans […]

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Colourful Leaves for Autumn Content Ideas

Autumn Content Ideas: Back to school & full of colour!

Whilst I love summer there’s something lovely about the change to Autumn. The beautiful deep colours, the cooler air, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets – it’s a very enduring season. It’s also packed full of ideas for social media posts and creative content! COLOURS OF AUTUMN There are so many […]

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Running lady shows how to be consistent with social media

Why Consistency is King with Social Media!

I’m three weeks into an eight-week running program – clearly I’m no expert, nor will I be entering a marathon anytime soon but today, I learned a valuable lesson. On Saturday I skipped a run. No big deal you might say, but to me, it turned out, it really was […]

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