Storytelling is a super important part of marketing online. Whether you’re writing a blog post, creating a YouTube video, speaking on a podcast or sharing an Instagram post – stories allow you to captivate your audience.

We’ve been telling stories for a long time (pretty much as long as humans could talk!). They’ve been used to illustrate historic events, grow religions and today us business owners use them to spread our message.

Without good storytelling, our content tends to fall flat or feel superficial. It lacks depth and is pretty dull to consume but many people forget about this when they’re posting on social media or creating content for their website.



Like we were taught in school a story has a beginning, middle and end. What you put in each section varies depending on the context but generally, you want to start by setting the scene for your story, let your audience know what to expect – you’ve got less than 10 seconds to hook them in & get them wanting more!

For the middle, embellish your story with details that your tribe will relate to. For a blog article, include at least 3 – 5 informative sections that give value and substance. This can be shorter or longer for other contexts.

End on a punch, generally with a call-to-action, a next step, a surprise or the moral of the story. You want your reader/viewer/listener to feel like the ending is intentional not that you just ran out of things to say!

Here’s an example of one of my stories:

I’ve had some MASSIVE mindset shifts over the past few days.
⚀ One thing at a time… This isn’t a new belief but the more I live it the more I get done & get much better results than when I try to do too much and feel guilty for not achieving it all!
⚁ Anything is possible… I know I sound like a cliché but I’ve had a massive shift in putting trust in the universe to support me to going for the big dreams I’ve been hiding inside of me.
⚂ There is always enough time… I have always been so impatient, I’ve always felt behind & believed I could never “catch up”. Whilst I’m still not the pillar of patience, I now believe I’m following my own path of which I only need to know the next step – not what the whole journey looks like!
What’s one thing that changed for you recently to make more progress? ?

See the full post:


Your audience wants to know you’re a human being and that you understand and care about them. This is an invitation to share details about your own life/business (of course when it makes sense to do so).

Depending on your business, think about what aspects of your life that they’d most care about e.g. I’m a shameless dog fanatic so I share about my two dogs especially when they’re ‘helping’ me with my work, like this:

Storytelling - Get your dog onboard!
Ellie the CEO

How much you want to share is completely up to you, there’s no rulebook. However, make it a habit to at least once a week share something relatable/personal about you on your social media and occasional in your main content too. Remember it could be as small as:

“When I was walking the kids to school this morning I noticed just how miserable most people look in their cars. I mean seriously miserable! It made me think – how much of our lives do we spend feeling impatient, stressed out or angry when we really don’t need to be. Here are 10 steps to bring more joy to your life…”


The way we write or speak is SO important when it comes to storytelling!! Often, we put on our “posh voice” when we come to write or talk about our subject area. Whether you’re doing to try and make yourself sound smarter or because you think it’s what you want people to hear, STOP!

As I mentioned earlier, your audience wants to get to know you. They want to find out if you are someone they want to work with. There’s no way they’ll want to work with you if they can’t relate to or think you’re something you’re not!

Try it out, see how you can start to infuse stories into your marketing activities and get more interaction with your tribe.


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