Like me, you probably began January full of hope and vision. You did your 2017 review and set goals and plans with gusto. However, the cold winter months have taken their toll and your left scrabbling to try everything possible to bring in clients and it feels like nothing is working. Use the motivation from the warmer weather to give your business (and life!) a spring clean and kill off the habits that are making you feel stuck and fed up.


Now is an ideal time to review your social media activities and look at where you have been spending your time. It might feel like a brutal question but has what you’ve been doing helped you to reach your goals? If you’re not sure how to answer that question, look at your website analytics to see which social media sites have been driving traffic to your website or opt-in page.

Review whether you’ve been spending your time effectively or whether it might be time for a strategy change. Recently I’ve pivoted away from Instagram towards Facebook because it’s been driving more traffic to my website, more of my ideal clients are there and I’m having more meaningful conversations with people there. I wish I could be highly active on both but I can’t be everywhere and nor can you.

Spring Clean Your Mobile Phone
Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash


Maybe I’m the only one but when you have a problem do you download a few apps to try and find a solution, go with one and then forget to delete the others?

Like the other day when I wanted to find another new Instagram scheduling tool… *QUICKLY LOOKS AT PHONE & HITS DELETE ON THE TWO APPS THAT DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT*

Or you sign up to a mailing list to get a freebie but never read the emails that come along afterwards & get frustrated every time you see that unread number – I know I’m definitely not alone on that one!? This is wasted space in your mind, it’s adding to the overwhelm and honey, it’s time to hit unsubscribe and to delete any apps or tools you’re not using.


There’s little over a month to go until GDPR becomes enforceable so it’s not just the fact that it’s spring that makes now a good time to review your email marketing list. When the 25th May rolls around everyone on your list needs to have been subscribed according to the stricter GDPR criteria. Take the time now to re-engage your list, ask for their consent according to the requirements of the regulation and remove anyone who doesn’t respond. If you haven’t done so already you’ll also need to update your opt-in boxes and privacy policy! (Check out the ICO to help you get started).


Take a little time to review the plans and goals you set back in January and see whether you’re on track. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not but look at how you can simplify. Be really honest with yourself and explore what’s blocking with you.

Although your fricking awesome, you’re not superwoman and often you have to let something go (fears, goals, hopes, frustrations) in order to let the things you truly want to thrive and grow.


Remember that you own your time and it’s the most valuable thing you have access to, so spend it how you want. If you want to treat yourself to an afternoon at the spa. DO IT. If you want to sit in bed all morning reading a personal development book. DO IT. Too often we deny ourselves simple pleasures because we think that life should be tough or we must slog our guts out to earn our right to be a business owner. BUT it’s not true. Often, creativity and new ideas come when we surrender, when we let go of what we “should” be doing and start listening to what our mind and body need. Trust me, your business (and your mind) will thank you for it!


If you need help setting new marketing goals, book a free 30-minute clarity audit where we will identify the most important step for you to take to get you back on track with your business growth plan.