Content Marketing Frustration

You’re staring at your computer screen hoping a bolt of lightning will come down from the sky and strike you with a genius idea for your next blog post. You wait.

You wait a little longer.

And then you think, maybe I’ll check Facebook and that will give me some ideas. 30 minutes later you realise that you still have no ideas and you’ve wasted half an hour doing pointless quizzes and watching videos your friend's dog splashing around in a paddling pool and doing random tricks.

AND then it strikes.

A nugget of inspiration and you blast something out. You finish and think, my god, I bet this is good but as you read it your heart sinks. You’ve said like 20 times and it makes no sense at all, even to you. Disheartened you head back to Facebook.
And so, it continues until much later when you give up and decide to leave it for another day.
You know how this story ends. The promising blog post never gets published because it’s not “perfect” and you doubt whether anyone would actually want to read it even if you did publish it.

BUT let me tell you something lovely.

There is a tribe out there waiting for you.

A tribe of incredible people who are just waiting to hear from you, ready and willing to get to know you (they might not know it just yet but I promise you they are there!).

They want you to hit publish and keep hitting publish every day, every week.

Let me help you show up for them.

I know that the path of a new entrepreneur can be lonely, overwhelming and dam right confusing. There’s a ton of information out there on the internet some incredible, some dam right crap, some paid for and some free.

But when you’re getting started and need to make your mark, you don’t have time to stitch and unstitch the blanket.

You need answers and you need them yesterday.

That’s why, when we work together, we’ll work on the right strategies for you and your business so that you take the actions you need to attract your dream clients and grow your business.

Finding your tribe with Content Marketing

Why We Should Work Together

- You want to build a strong foundation for your business and you’re willing to put the effort in to make it happen
- You want to attract your dream clients; the ones who energise you instead of draining you
- You want to take the right action for you and your business this time, not another course that you don’t complete
- You’re ready to step up & get visible and you want someone to guide you to the next level
- You want to work with someone who will help you feel confident about your content marketing

What's Included?

I want you to succeed not just during our three months together but well beyond that. That's why I've packed this programme with everything you need to create and share kick-ass content that your ideal clients will love not only now but in the future too.

As you'll see below our time working together will kick off with a one day intensive to get your head in the game and get you raring to go. After that, you'll get 11 weeks of 1-hour one-to-one content marketing coaching/training sessions on a variety of important topics.

To keep you moving forward, you'll also get a workbook and homework with each session.

Kick-Off Day

  • Discover what a marketing mindset is and how to cultivate one
  • Learn how to write awesome blog posts
  • Bullet draft 3 months' worth of blog content

Planning & Blogging

  • Get to grips with SEO + free website traffic
  • Build your editorial calendar so you never run out of content
  • Reviews of your full drafted posts

Email Marketing

  • Discover how to write emails that build connection
  • Create an irrestible lead magnet
  • Build your network & get more eyes on your content

Social Media

  • Intro to Instagram & Facebook and how to use them to grow your brand
  • Repurpose, reuse & get more out of each peice of content
  • Grow your tribe, partner with others & build your authority

Ready to create the content you need to attract your tribe and grow your business?